Tips on Outdoor Electrical Design For a Brighter Patio

Today’s patios and decks are designed to be outdoor living space complete with maintenance free flooring, comfortable furniture and even a backyard fireplace. Electrical projects play a major role in creating an outdoor space that is highly functional and above all, safe.

Leave the extension cords packed away until the holidays – all of your outdoor lighting projects can be permanently wired in and designed for hassle free use.

What Types of Outdoor Lighting Projects Are Best?

Generally a patio needs less light fixtures than an indoor space, since you’ll have the light of the setting sun and even the glow of the moon and stars for ambiance. The very best outdoor electrical designs include lighting on the stairs, at the edges of the deck (in the railing posts, for example) and a larger fixture used for overhead or spot lighting

The products that you choose will most often be determined by the style and layout of your patio. Decks with overhead features like pergolas and gazebos can easily be wired with an overhead light. Make sure it is designed for outdoor use and install the proper wiring for protection and longevity.

If your deck or patio does not include a roof (or partial roof), look for wall mounted fixtures that can be directed towards the patio set. Alternatively, some lighting manufacturers are introducing patio lamps that double as light and portable outdoor heaters designed for surface mounting or to stand on a level surface. These may have a cord running back to your outdoor outlet, so be sure to place them out of the traffic where they won’t pose a security hazard.

Solar lights are a fantastic product for soft lighting that adds atmosphere. Line your garden path with solar lamp stands and forget about wiring entirely. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, this lighting generally comes in packages and will capture a significant charge from the sun to provide light most of the night.

What Are Some Other Outdoor Electrical Projects?

Outdoor heaters help to stretch the patio season even longer in cooler climates. Wall mounted models are often hardwired in and floor mounted units are usually corded.

Installing a ceiling fan in your gazebo or under the pergola is an excellent way to keep the breeze alive all summer long. Look for a durable model that is encased tightly to protect against moisture. Bamboo fan blades are a nice touch on the patio.

If you’ve designing for your dream outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to wire up a spot for a small fridge. This keeps the drinks and perishable foods handy. The outlet can even be used for electric side burners or other kitchen appliances that used during the patio party. Use an outdoor rated plug and be sure to design a secure cabinet for the fridge.

Design the most functional, comfortable space possible by including outdoor electrical projects. From overhead lighting to patio heaters, stairway lights and ceiling fans, your deck space will be cozy and fun way past the sunset. Solar garden lights can draw you into the yard as well or provide a safe pathway back to the warmth of the back door. These electrical projects are simple yet essential for a truly cozy outdoor living space.

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