Top Electrical Projects Best Left to a Professional

Electricity plays an important role in your home, running the heat and appliances among other things. There are plenty of repairs and other projects that will pop up and need immediate attention. While you may be able to handle small things like changing a light fixture or wiring in a phone jack, there are certain electrical projects that should only be handled by a trained professional.

Changing Out the Wire

Older aluminum wiring will need to be changed out to the modern (and much safer) copper wiring. This is an extensive job that requires hours of work and major lengths of wire. Not only is copper more resistant to corrosion, it is more flexible and adaptable in a variety of configurations and provides a much more reliable connection between the panel board and your outlets and fixtures.

In most cases house wiring needs to be done by a licensed electrician. In certain circumstances a homeowner is allowed to do the wiring in their own home, provided that all electrical safety codes are followed, a permit is applied for and regular inspections take place. But just because something is allowed does not mean it is recommended.

Whether you are replacing an aged wiring system or completing a basement renovation, this size of project needs to be handled by a professional.

Putting In a New Panel

Wiring is not the only thing that needs to be upgraded. Often the fuse panels that were used in older homes need to be replaced with breaker types. These newer panels eliminate the problem of overfusing (putting in a fuse that is too large for your wiring to handle) and cut down on maintenance. Breakers that flip as opposed to fuses that blow are much easier to maintain.

A professional electrician should always handle any work done on your panel. This is the connection between your home and the main service and any changes done here will affect the balance of your house power. Have a pro handle the panel to provide the safest electrical system throughout your home.

Appliance Repair

Not only does this void any warranty that applies, but attempting to fix your appliances can end up costing you much more than a visit from the repairman will. You may be tempted to pop open your refrigerator or dishwasher when there’s a problem, but one or two small mistakes inside can cause major issues with these often complex units.

If you know that a small replacement part will fix the problem, by all means give it a try, but for diagnosis and other more complicated work, an experienced repair technician or electrician is your best bet. Keep your appliances running well by having them maintained by those who are in the know.

Electrical repairs and projects are a common occurrence in the home. Although the services of a pro will cost you money, in many cases this is a safer and necessary choice. When upgrading your wiring or electrical panel a licensed electrician is the professional to call in. If your appliance is in need of repair, ask a technician to help you out. That way you can better rely on the performance and safety of the electrical system in your house.

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