Upgrading Your Electrical System for a Greener Home

Electricity is a necessity in our modern world, but wasting power is not. In order to have a greener home and a cleaner planet each of us needs to take action. Start by considering your electrical system and finding out which areas in your home can be tweaked, changed and eliminated in order to save power and cut down on energy usage.

Simple As a Light Bulb

Small changes can reap major benefits. Simply changing your light bulbs from 60watt incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents (also known as CFLs) can make a big difference to your energy usage.

The typical 60watt bulb will last for 1,500 hours, while in comparison the CFL can be counted on for over 10,000 hours. Also, an incandescent light bulb uses a vast majority of its energy on heat, which is not the case with CFLs. It’s generally accepted that installing CFL bulbs in your home will result in an energy savings of around 75%. Also, because these bulbs last longer they produce less waste in the landfill and cut back on total annual greenhouse gas emissions by over 9 billion pounds.

LED light bulbs are also beginning to enter the market. Although it is a relatively new technology (and very expensive at this point), using LEDs is even better than CFLs and will result in more energy savings and less harmful emissions.

Appliance Overhaul

The other power guzzlers in your home include the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and laundry appliances. These larger parts of your home electrical system can also be upgraded to new energy efficient models that will result in monetary as well as energy savings.

Natural gas dryers are a good option to cut back on power usage while still allowing for convenience and speed. Hanging the clothes on the line is even better, but not always possible in the colder winter months.

Other major culprits in the race against power waste are the fridge and freezer. These appliances are working hard around the clock and costing you money while they do so. Be sure they are modern Energy Star rated models to keep those power bills low while keeping the food cool.

No Problems With Programmable

Climate control is another serious waste of power that can be easily controlled by installing a programmable thermostat. With this small computer attachment your furnace can work better in the winter (warmer during the day and cooler at night with variable temperatures based on who is in the house at the time) and your air conditioner can help provide more comfortable temperatures during the summer (cool when needed throughout the day with a rest while the house is empty).

Many local power distributors offer incentives to install a programmable thermostat and may even pay for it outright. This tiny addition will make a world of difference to your utility bills and to the overall environmentally friendliness of your home.

With a few little changes your home can go from a power guzzler to a green center of efficiency. Change out the old light bulbs for new CFLs and upgrade to energy efficient appliances for a significant savings in power. Also, programmable thermostats can make your home more comfortable in a green way with only a few settings. Be a better steward of our planet and cut back on energy bills at the same time by having an energy efficient home and lifestyle.

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